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Charles Darwin School

Health and Social Care

Course Overview  

OCR Cambridge Technicals

At key stage 5 students have the option to study for a one year Certificate which is the equivalent of an AS, or for 2 years for the Introductory Diploma. This is the equivalent of an A2. Both qualifications are 100% coursework and are recognised by UCAS.

Grades are awarded at pass [E], merit [C] and distinction [A] and for the Introductory Diploma distinction * [A*].

A level Courses/Topics

  • Developing effective communication: various methods of communication; barriers to communication and interacting with service users in the local community to evaluate one’s own communication skills.
  • Development through life stages: physical, intellectual, emotional & social development of the life stages; effects of life factors & events on development; the theories & the physical and psychological effects of ageing.
  • Equality, diversity and rights in health and social care: concepts of equality, diversity & rights; effects of discrimination & national initiatives promoting anti discriminatory practices.
  • Health, safety and security in health and social care: understanding potential hazards in the health and social care sector; how legislation, policies and procedures promote health and safety; being able to carry out a risk assessments; understanding how to deal with incidents and emergencies.
  • Nutrition for health and social care: understanding the concepts of nutritional health and the influence of dietary intake; analysing and prepare a week’s dietary plan to improve the nutrition of a chosen service user.
  • Caring for children and young people: knowing why and how to look after young children; understanding the risks of abuse to young children and the strategies used to safeguard young people.

Why choose H & S?  

• Students who are looking to work in Health and Social Care.
• Students who are interested in working with people.
• Students who enjoy coursework.
• Students who want to improve their people skills


Q. What level can I study?
A. Level 2 [GCSE] and level 3 [AS and A2]

Q. Is it all coursework?
A. Level 2 has one exam and level 3 is all courework.

Q. Do we go out on visits?
A. You will visit some care settings and you will have care workers in to talk about their work

Who will teach me?  

Mrs Sheehan and Mrs Mackay

useful links  

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