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Charles Darwin School

  • Aspire - Endeavour - Achieve

Welcome from the

Headteacher Aston Smith

It is with the greatest pleasure that I welcome you to Charles Darwin School. We are proud to be a truly comprehensive school; a school where all students are valued, supported and inspired. At Charles Darwin we provide a truly excellent educational experience for all our students.

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  • We are proud to be the Head and Deputy Head prefects for Charles Darwin School. The three words which describe our mission best must be: aspire, endeavour and achieve. 

    As passionate students from a variety of backgrounds, we aspire to represent the school to the best of our ability, using the skills we have learnt over our many years studying here. We have grown into confident and empathetic pupils, who are ready to our goals this year, with the help of the diligent senior prefect body.

    We endeavour to achieve a sense of community between all Darwin students, often working with younger years to provide support and advice. Moreover, we take an interest in charitable endeavours, such as recycling and achieving new records for charity fundraising. Importantly, we aim to help every student grow into an individual with strong personal interests, readily equipped with crucial skills, experiences and academic results for the future.

    We recognise the challenges we may face after this particularly difficult year, but we are determined and committed to ensuring the ultimate achievement; that Charles Darwin School remains an inclusive, inspiring and innovative community where all can succeed.

  • Year 11


    During my time at Charles Darwin I have felt challenged and motivated to try my best and achieve my potential. I have received an endless amount of help from the school from settling into Year 7 to building my confidence during Year 9 and 10. I aim to continue into sixth form to study Art, Maths and Physics A' level. After my A' levels I would like to do a degree in Architecture.

  • Year 9


    My favourite subjects are Science and Art. The lessons at Charles Darwin School are very good and the teachers are really helpful and want to help you to learn and succeed. The support I have been given by the school is amazing and really helpful. I have taken part in extra curricular netball and really enjoyed it. When I leave school I want to be a lawyer and I believe that this school will help me with this.

  • Year 9


    Since I joined Charles Darwin School I have been given lots of opportunities which have allowed me to become successful both academically and in sports. This is thanks to the teachers at the school and the support that they have given me. I have been a member of several sports teams and have taken part in the Elite Athletic Scheme. I have received an Excellence Award for P.E and have had 100% attendance. In the future I would like to be a stock broker.

  • Year 11


    I have had an extremely positive experience at Charles Darwin School. I started in Year 7 as a lower performing student to now being in the top sets for all my subjects. I enjoy all aspects of school life, and I am a prefect and an active member of the Student Voice. I look forward to studying Biology, Chemistry and Maths in sixth form, and with the help of the talented teachers at Charles Darwin school go on to do a degree in medicine.

  • Year 11


    “If you don’t challenge yourself you’ll never realise what you can become”. Being a student at Charles Darwin has made me realise this. From starting out as a young anxious Year 7 I have become a confident teenager over the years. This has helped me to achieve Platinum effort and 100% attendance since Year 7. My future aspirations are to continue with my passions of English, History and Maths through to A’ level and to then study law at University.

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