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Charles Darwin School

About Us


School days are absolutely crucial in a young person’s life.  Success achieved in school often forms the bedrock on which our future achievements are constructed – a time when attitudes are formed, interests are awakened, and characters are forged. I know that choosing a secondary school for your son or daughter is a time of anxiety, concern and great excitement. As a parent you obviously want the very best for your children and you will be looking for a school where they will experience success, be happy and fulfilled.  Charles Darwin School is a place where students thrive both academically and socially. We believe in making the most of every ability and talent, we do this by offering a broad and balanced curriculum with a strong emphasis on the vital, core subjects of English, Maths, Science and the Humanities.

Our focus is on achievement and all pupils are encouraged to do their best and fulfil their own special potential.  Examination success is very important to us but we also value other achievements. Participation in extra-curricular activities such as our high quality school productions, successes in the workplace and ensuring positive contributions to community activities reflect some of the many dimensions of learning that are highly valued at Charles Darwin School.

By working in partnership with parents, our well qualified, highly skilled and committed staff aim to secure a successful future for all students based on a foundation of good examination performance and high levels of social responsibility.  Our students tell us that they take pleasure in coming to school - a place where they are challenged by the work, where the staff and fellow students support them and where achievement is part of their everyday experience.

I look forward to seeing the continued progress in academic results, combined with the truly impressive achievements in Art, Drama, Performance Arts, Music and Sport (and many other areas) and ensuring no child is left behind or forgotten.

I hope that something of Charles Darwin School’s vitality will reach you from this website.