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Charles Darwin School

Vision Statement

We are the hub of our community and a school everyone is proud to be associated with.

A thirst for learning has been developed in all our students through strong relationships with staff and engaging, memorable learning experiences in the classroom and extra-curricular.

All students feel an important part of the school and are proud to have a place here. They enjoy coming to school and do not want to miss a single day through absence.

All parents and students put a high value on education, not just wanting their child to get through school but wanting them to achieve the highest possible academic outcomes.

Students discover their talents by being open to trying new things, engaging with what the school has to offer and always trying their best. 

Students will leave us as compassionate contributors to local and global society, knowing they can overcome any challenge they are faced with. They will have developed an open-mindset and can-do attitude.

All Charles Darwin staff are solutions focused; We solve problems together, alongside our Inicio colleagues – We are a team of people with the single ambition of wanting the best for our students.