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Travel and Tourism


Course Overview  

Level 3 A Level

We currently offer an Applied A-Level in Travel and Tourism which consists of a range of units across year 12 and year 13. During the key stage 5 course, students will have the option to study an A.S. for one year or continue the course into the second year to complete the A2. Students completing the AS level will complete 2 units and a following 2 units will then be studied at A2. Both courses have an element of coursework and also an exam. Grades are awarded from A* to E and the qualification is recognised by UCAS.

Unit 1 Introducing Travel and Tourism (Exam = 40%)

  • Nature of Travel and Tourism
  • The Characteristics of Travel and Tourism
  • The Structure of the UK Travel and Tourism Industry
  • Development of the UK Travel and Tourism Industry

Unit 2 Tourism Destinations (Coursework = 60%)

  • AO1: Overviews of the range of tourist destinations, and the location of each type of destination in the UK and Europe.
  • AO2: Fact files for two chosen destinations, linking the climate, landscape features, tourist facilities and major attractions of the destination to different customer types.
  • AO3: Research and analyse the choice of transport methods to each destination and transport options while at the destinations.
  • AO4: Analyse the recent trends in the changing popularity of your chosen destinations, and an evaluation of the factors affecting their future popularity.

Why Choose the Subject? 

  • If you are looking to seek a career within Travel and Tourism
  • If you want to learn more about the world around you.
  • If you are interested in gaining an understanding of one of the World’s leading industry’s and the challenges it faces in recent times.
  • If you want to learn about the tourism industry and how it contributes to society and the economy
  • If you enjoy completing coursework and can stick to deadlines

Common Questions 

Q.  What level can I study?
A.  Level 3 (the equivalent to AS and A2)

Q.  How is the course divided?

A.  Year 12 (AS level) has 2 units. 1 exam worth 40% and 1 unit of coursework worth 60% and then year 13 (A2 level) has 2 units 1 exam worth 40% and 1 unit of coursework worth 60%.

Q. How many extra hours will I be expected to complete outside of the classroom each week?

A. On top of the 5 lessons each week, students are expected to work an additional 3 hours per week, per subject to ensure they can cope with the level of work.

Q. Are there any entry requirements to study for this qualification?

A. In order to study for this qualification, the equivalent of 5 A*-C grades at GCSE are needed with a minimum Grade C in English. An enthusiasm for travel combined with knowledge of a range of different destination types is vital. A willingness to work hard is also desired as well as the ability to produce coursework to deadlines.

Who will teach me? 

Miss Allum

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