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Charles Darwin School

Summer School 2021

Charles Darwin School - Summer School 2021 for Year 6 into Year 7

On 26th July – 30th July 2021 the new Year 7 students attended Charles Darwin School for a week of Summer School which encompassed ‘a blend of academic education and enrichment activities’ and ended with a Downe Scout Camp Nature Trail.

226 Year 7 students were invited to attend the Summer School of which 165 attended. The students took part in selection of fun, activities, some of which were team games, involving: Maths, Literacy, ICT, TECH, PE, Media, Drama, Food Tech and Modern Foreign Languages.  The face-to-face additional support students were given in Literacy and Maths will make it ‘easier for them to access the secondary curriculum’ and transition into Year 7.

The event was supported by 16 teachers, 2 trainee teachers, 5 LSAs, the Year 7 Achievement Co-ordinator as well as the Year 7 Transition Manager, who supported the event in a pastoral capacity.

The Students, all from different primary schools, had the opportunity to get to know eachother and meet the teachers.  This was also an opportunity for staff to get to know the students before the start of the new term and ‘support pupils’ wellbeing’.

The aim of this week was to boost knowledge and confidence in Maths and English and for students to develop relationships with fellow pupils and new teachers and familiarise themselves with their new school.

The Summer School event was a successful event.


£48,000 was our requested total and this is what we spent it on:

£37,000 - staffing

£5,000 - resources

£4,000 - cleaning

£2,000 - catering