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Charles Darwin School

Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural Values

Gaining Social Moral Spiritual and Cultural (SMSC) experiences and learning about the world around us is a fundamental part of life as a learner at Charles Darwin School.

All areas of the academic curriculum, pastoral learning and extra-curricular experiences provide different opportunities for SMSC values to be explored. This enables all learners to experience opportunities to develop social skills, become aware of the community and wider world around them, develop a sense of resilience about themselves, learn about other cultures and that it is fine to have a different outlook on life, so long as that outlook comes with respect and tolerance of others. 

 Preparation for Life in Modern Britain

At Charles Darwin there are many opportunities in the academic and pastoral curriculum to engage with and learn about life in modern Britain. As a school we are committed to developing the rounded individuals that are ready for life as a citizen in a multicultural, tolerant and respectful society. We encourage experiences with democratic processes, give opportunity to learn the difference between right and wrong along with the consequences of not abiding by the law. We foster an environment where learners can find out about and discuss different cultures and faiths and have respect for those that have different beliefs, faiths and viewpoints from their own. Students learn about public services, the importance of charity and those that are less fortunate than ourselves, and raise awareness of how to exist financially, safely using ICT and social media, in relationships and sexual relationships and to identify the dangers of those who choose to work against the values of modern society through abuse, bullying and extremist and intolerant behaviours.

These are some examples across the school where we develop this preparation for life in modern Britain and beyond:

  • All pupils vote in a full election for head boy/head girl that involve speeches, hustings and ballot box election.

  • Voting for Student Voice representatives.

  • Voting for Jack Petchey award nominations.

  • E-safety ambassadors.

  • Student mentors.

  • Sports Leadership.

  • Driven By Consequences - learning about the consequences of dangerous/drink/drug driving and meeting victims of road accidents.

  • Holocaust Memorial Day.

  • Pupil visits to Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen.

  • International day of tolerance.

  • Anti-bullying fortnight.

  • E-safety assemblies, tutor programmes and presentations.

  • How to be safe on social media.

  • Metropolitan Police safety assemblies.

  • Transport for London assemblies.

  • Bromley Safer Transport Team assemblies.

  • Enterprise day run by Nationwide Building Society.

  • Financial planning.

  • National kindness day.

  • Relationships workshops - domestic abuse, FGM, spotting the signs of an abusive relationship, modern relationships and LGBT.

  • Community service.

  • Charity as decided for each year group by the Student Voice.

  • Growth Mindset development training.

  • Black History Month.

  • Your Choice Your Voice.

  • Sexual health, relationships and prevention of STIs.

  • Remembrance day.

  • Role models in modern society through assembly themes.

  • Watching the news in tutor time activities.

  • Discussions of global events in tutor time activities.

  • Our role as citizens in reducing global warming, increasing recycling.

  • The issues of stem cells and designer babies.

  • BBC school report - presentation and reporting skills.

  • Cultural leaders from diverse backgrounds.

  • Learning about the major religions through RE lessons.

Documents giving the curriculum and pastoral provision can be seen on the SMSC curriculum provision page together with the assembly programme.