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Charles Darwin School

Progress Pens

The Progress Reward Scheme in Years 7 to 13  aims to recognise progress made by students in a variety of aspects of school life.  Nominations are invited from the pastoral team of each year group with a maximum of four in each year group in the following four categories: attendance, behaviour, effort or greater resilience.

Spring/Summer 2022/20223

Year 7: Olly Davies, Isabella Saunders, Harrison Stimson
Year 8: Harley Bartolo, Maksym Kryvylo, Naomi McKenzie, Ruby-Leigh Sheehy 
Year 9: Bobby Buttle, Demi Ditchburn, Seren Malcolmson, Connie Smith
Year 10: Thomas Alexander, Jack Gatland, Reggie Williams
Year 11: Oscar Brocklehurst, William Clement, Jessica Grace, Gabriela Ormston
Year 12: Pascaline Akas Chukwuoha, Lemar McKoy
Year 13: Erin Hartley, Ethan  Ferguson, Nyah Sawyer

AUTUMN 2021/20221

Year 7: Alex Cumber, Alfie Read, Dottie-Boo Ward, Daniel Roulston
Year 8: Tristan Zeelie, Jessica Dorsett, Andreas Ioannou
Year 9: Charlee Brown, Kayden Plinston, Grace Etheridge
Year 10: Nicola Catley, Sophie Halliday, Jack Stone, James Chinnery, Olivia Verrier
Year 11: Foley Jones, Lacey Morris, Hayden Bakewell, Lara Bell
Year 12: Connor Hanrahan, Louis Holmes, Freya Philip, Jodie Shillito,  Chardney Prata Nato, Grace Stacey
Year 13: Jared Quartey-Papafio, Edward Oola, Shannon Bowles, Erin Williams, Andrea  Hallett

Spring/Summer 2021

Year 7: Chloe Barry, Ronnie Garrard
Year 8: Crystal Armstrong, Herbie Fowler, Amber Steer
Year 9: Harvey Bridges, Harley Pearsall, Olivia Zirgulyte
Year 10: Georgia Beaumont, Luke Bevan, Emily Golby, Liam Pitt
Year 12: Josh Cook, Karisa Patel, Leo Rothwell, Isabel Wilkins

Autumn/Spring 2019/2020

Year 7:Kieran Daley, Oliver Whiting
Year 8: Daniel Major, Romillo Moore, Jessica Bearcroft
Year 9: Macey Jones, Alfie Cabot, Lola O’Sullivan, Billy Stubley, Daisy Kittlety
Year 10: Sophie Richardson, Alastair Wilson, Louis Riskey, Amadeus Addoteyn
Year 11: Anthony Safadi, Kaya Bird, Prince Boateng, Harry Clark, Natasha Swanson
Year 12: Abbey James, George Greenwood
Year 13: Luc Henri Hickman, Tasara Gurung​​​​​​

Spring 2019

Year 7: Iman Blake
Year 8: Alfie Cabot, Josh Jeal, Leah O’Brien, Gracie Varney, Ellen Wilson
Year 9: Jessica Bacon,  Poppy Boost, Dylan Brocklehurst, Emma Lahiguera-Ferrett
Year 10: Freddie Mason, Matthew Robson
Year 11: Shannon Hughes, Leila Jeal, Megan Lownes, Teddy Taylor Bush
Year 12: William Child, Lauren Kenton
Year 13: Ellie Cook, Michael Walton, Melissa Wood

Autumn  2018

Year 7: Syd Powley, Vincent Thompson
Year 8: Lillie Gillett, Lara Gok, Ruby Mazouz, Joseph Laurence, Andrew Waddington
Year 9: Yasmin Calzalet-Smith, Erika Jiminez, Andrew Salazar, Oliver Wickers
Year 10:  Veronica Cristina Rodrigues, Paula Szczyrba
Year 11:Tia Booth, James D'Monte, Tegan Mortimer
Year 12: Myles Daniels, Emma Frith, Lucie Monk
Year 13: Chloe Ardley, Serena Khan, Bradley Parke, Scott Tiffin

Spring 2018

Year 7: Emily Golby, Ryan Metson and Chantel Wilson
Year 8: Ellouisa Eames, Ben Norsworthy, Ria Peters, Lakeisha Richards, Emma Spears and Jeyda Spencer
Year 9: Josh Cook, Eleanor Reilly and Tania Tsanova
Year 10: Ellie Darlington, Connor Fleming, Natasha Lisney and Nick Marshall
Year 11: Robert Boateng-Minta, Demi Gray, Aisha Imambacus, Angel Onye, Kennice Palmer and Oscar Tuxford
Year 12: Amanda Clarke and Ethan Dedier
Year 13: Phoebe Bellfield, Charlie Leighton, Akshar Patel and Sabrena Najah

Autumn  2017

Year 7: Lewis Burton and Amber Wickenden

Year 8: Elley Hollman, Kirsty Hunt, Caitlin Joseph, Leila Lagder and Alex Wilkinson

Year 9: Isobel Cairns, Alfie Cowan, Andrea Hallett and Jolly Leung

Year 10: Rosie Ford, Kai Grant, Rebecca Oakes and Shannon Smith

Year 11: Harrison Ball, Dalis Edwards and Vinny Hart

Year 12: Chloe McBlane and Shae Rutledge

Year 13: Rachel O’Hanlon and Edward Wilson

Spring 2017

Year 7: Ethan-Dante Galpin, Lydia Meads and Maddison Wright

Year 8: Evie Ince, Jimmy Mills, Harry Newbound, Emmanuel Obeng-Boateng and Lucy Vowles

Year 9: Arthur Doe, Jessica Doyle and Emily Wilson

Year 10: Lewis Bird, Ruben Bowyer and Jack Palmer

Year 11: Maisie Barnes, Oriona Clarke, Cassie Marshall, James Matthews and Santino Valentino

Year 12: Laura Reilly and Jude Hobbs

Year 13: Adam Hellewell, Fergus Meehan, Katie Nash and Sivashanker Sivaneswaran

Autumn 2016

Year 7: Elliott Mote, Alfie Mills and Emma Thompson

Year 8: Grace Harwood, Charlie Hurrell and Nicole Wallace

Year 9: Max Ashton, Teddy Brown, Alana Mitchell and  Scott Batchelor

Year 10: Shanice Moore, William Child, George Kitchener, Harrison Ball and

Layla Ferguson

Year 11: Amber Cooper, Leye Shotibi, Kieran Kevin and Amy Black

Year 12: Ryan Coppard and Charlotte Suter

Year 13: Ross Adams and Olivia MacMillan

Spring 2016

Year 7: Samuel Sotomi and Jay Farrow

Year 8: Jamie Harvey and Rebecca Oakes

Year 9: Callum Reeves, Jasmine Stephenson and Heather Richardson

Year 10: Jack Bailey, Kay Walters, David Linekar and Ellie Cook

Year 11: Amber Eder and Chloe Roberts

Year 12: Alfie Leighton and Megan Dale

Year 13: Joe Allen and Ellis Parker

Autumn 2015

Year 7: Libby Tomkins, Jude Longbottom and Callium Hain

Year 8: Paige Davey, Kirsta Darkoh and Kiera White

Year 9: Jamie Hayler, Kai Tickner and Kristiana Vani

Year 10: Nicole Rothwell, Freddie Yeats, Alex Smith and Holly Milner-Phillips

Year 11: Connor Harwood, Emily Roney and Sydney Wiltshire

Year 12: Jessica New and Liam Cornelius-Rumsey

Year 13: Daryl Jones and Ryan Lisney

Spring 2015

Year 7: Adam Kaminski, Karim Lagder, Rebecca Oates and Imogen Sharp

Year 8: Charlotte Brewster, Tyreece Bryan, Ellie Miller, Daniel Mitsev and Susannah Whitlock

Year 9: Harry Caulfield, Jack Fagan, Jamie Garrard and Natalia Ovchinikova

Year 10: Sophie Bushell and Deshaun Smith-Cooper

Year 11: Amy Farmer, Kai Harvey, Charlotte Killick and Matthew Styles

Year 12: Charlotte Davern and Greg Dong

Year 13: Sam Eccleston and Lewis McCabe

Autumn 2014

Year 7: Mickayda Blake

Year 8: No nominations received

Year 9: Anna Haskins, Harrison Lane-Stupples and Chlow Webb

Year 10: Colme Kennedy and Molly Streeter

Year 11: Chloe Gardner, Callum Pugh and Natalie Speller

Year 12/13: Sophie Freddi, Leah Martin, Chloe Wheeler and Edward Wilson