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Charles Darwin School


Course Overview

The Mathematics Faculty aims to teach pupils appropriate Mathematics through a variety of approaches to ensure all pupils are capable of reaching their potential.  We strive to provide pupils with a Mathematical understanding required for a successful future as well developing enjoyment in solving problems and an appreciation for its creativity through building confidence in their own skills.

The Mathematics Faculty consists of eleven full time staff, as well as some teachers who are part time in Mathematics.  The curriculum is taught as a two year Key Stage 3 program (years 7 -8) and a three year Key Stage 4 (years 9 – 11).  Students will still be assessed in KS3 examinations at the end of year 9.  Students sit their GCSE Mathematics examination at the end of year 11, after following the AQA GCSE Mathematics course. 

In year 12 a one year resit course is available to students with a GCSE D (E) grade.  A’ Level Mathematics is a popular choice and students again follow the Edexcel syllabus, sitting C1, C2 and M1 in year 12 and C3, C4 and S1 in year 13.   Further Mathematics (Edexcel) is available depending on demand. AS Further Mathematics consists of FP1, D1 and D2; For A2 Further Mathematics modules FP2, M2 and M3 are studied.

We offer the new Core Mathematics Edexcel AS course. This is currently a two year program that would be suitable for students not wanting to study A’ level Mathematics but required to raise their level of numeracy to meet the demands of some future degree course.

The faculty has 8 specialist rooms; 4 of which have inter-active whiteboards.  It is therefore, necessary for staff to teach in a variety of rooms on occasions.

In 2010 the Mathematics Faculty was awarded PTI status and this has helped support a range of developmental and promotional activities.  The faculty takes part in a wide range of competitions, visits and activities every year

Able mathematicians of all ages take part in the national UKMT individual and team mathematics challenges.  Selected year 9 mathematicians take part in the Royal Institution Mathematics Masterclasses held in Bromley on Saturday mornings during the autumn term.  This concludes in the summer term with a visit to the Royal Institute for their open day.

Please click onto “Maths Faculty Website” for a breakdown of our scheme of work.

Please click here for  Maths curriculum mapping

Why study Maths? 

  • Mathematics is key in all human societies.
  • It is an essential tool and language in Building and Construction, Engineering, Finance, Business and Commerce, Food Technology, personal finance, software engineering, etc …  There are actually thousands of different jobs that require some knowledge of mathematics.
  • It will help you develop key skills and confidence in problem solving and strategic thinking which you can use in other subjects/areas.
  • It is fun!
  • As society becomes more technically dependent, there will be an increasing need for people will a high level of mathematical training.  The A’ level mathematics that we offer in sixth form supports students with ambitions of being part of this.
  • A grade of C or above in Mathematics is required for all post-16 level 3 courses.

Common Questions 

Q. When do I study Maths?

A. Year 7 to Year 11 towards gaining GCSE Mathematics and in Sixth form we offer A’ level Mathematics, A’ level Further Mathematics and the new Core Maths

Q. How many lessons of Maths will I have a week?

A. Four periods in years 7 and 8; Five periods in year 9 to 13 (KS3 and KS5).

Q. How many GCSEs will I study for in Key Stage 4?

A. We currently offer GCSE Mathematics and GCSE Statistics; AQA Level 2 Further Mathematics is being developed to become available to students expected to achieve grade A/A* at GCSE Mathematics.

Who will teach me? 

Mr Watson, Mr Yerrasimou, Mr Brown, Mr Damoo, Mr Desai, Mr Ferguson, Ms Harris, Mr Kothari, Mrs Shooter and Mr Woods

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