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Charles Darwin School

KS3 Science

course overview

KS3 Science
Each year will study the topics listed below, with each group/set following a slightly different order. Three to four weeks are spent on each topic.

Year 7 topics
Cells—the building blocks of life
Eating, drinking and breathing
Getting the energy the body needs
Mixing, dissolving and separating
Elements, compounds & reactions
Forces and their effects
Exploring contact and non contact forces
Energy transfers and sound
 Year 8 topics
Looking at plants and ecosystems
Variation for survival
Our health and the effect of drugs
Explaining Chemical changes
Explaining physical changes
Obtaining useful materials
Using our earth sustainably
Magnetism and electricity
Motion on earth and in space
Waves and energy transfer

Note:  The Year 8 programme will continue into the autumn/spring terms of Year 9 following by a spring term assessment. Year 9 then move onto Key Stage 4 Science in the summer term.

There will be short tests on each topic throughout Key Stage 3. Year 7  & 8 will sit Christmas, Easter  and end of year exams (June) using SAT-style questions.