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Charles Darwin School

Head and Deputy Head Prefects

We are proud to be the Head and Deputy Head Prefects for Charles Darwin School. The three words which describe our mission best must be: Aspire, Endeavour and Achieve. 

At Charles Darwin School, we have all had different journeys however, we have all aspired, endeavoured and achieved to reach Year 13 and to become Head and Deputy Head Prefects. Using the skills we have learned across our fulfilled years at school, we aim to represent all students in Charles Darwin School to move towards positive change and push for an even better school environment. We recognise our roles will come with challenges especially as we enter our final year, but with the correct mind set and help received from the supportive staff then there is no doubt that our achievements will be immense.

We believe strongly that Charles Darwin School provides every student with the opportunity to grow and gain critical skills which will further be emphasised by our work that will be carried out with the younger years, including opportunities for them to express themselves and how they feel to ensure their comfort whilst at school. Throughout the year we will endeavour to do our best to represent the school within the community and showcase the skills that Charles Darwin School has given us.