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Charles Darwin School



Students will receive a well-rounded and full introduction to the world of PE, sport and sport science by developing an understanding of how the mind and body works in relation to performance in physical activity. During the three years students will have three more lessons of PE a week, these will be classroom lessons as well as practical. Classes are mixed gender so students will need to be prepared to work in a practical setting with the opposite gender.

The theoretical knowledge of the course has changed and students will need a passion to develop their own knowledge within the sports science and biological element of the course. Overall the theory side is now worth 60% of the course which is through two exams. The practical is still as important and students will need a strong team or individual sport which they will be assessed in practically on a basis of how good they are and not just on their overall performance. In total students will be assessed in three sports – one must be an individual sport, one must be a team sport and the third can be team or individual.

The PE staff will advise on the correct course and will make changes through the course in year 9 and 10 if needed.

The course is assessed as follows

Component 1:  Fitness and Body Systems examined through a written exam 1 hour 34mins - 36% of the qualification       

Topics covered:  Applied anatomy and physiology: Movement analysis: Physical Training and Use of data.

Component 2: Health and Performance examined through a written exam 1 hour 15mins - 24% of the qualification

Topics covered: Health, fitness and well being; Sport Psychology; Socio cultural influence and Use of data.

Component 3: Practical Performance - Internally marked and externally moderated 30% of the qualification 105 marks (35 marks per activity)

Topics covered: One team/one individual/ one sport of choice; Skills in isolation and Skills in competitive/formal situation.

Component 4: Personal Exercise Programme (PEP) - Internally marked and externally moderated 10% of the qualification 20 marks

Topics covered:Aim and planning analysis; Carrying out and monitoring the PEP and Evaluation of the PEP

Skills required

  • Students will need to be in the higher set in their core PE lessons – speak to your PE teacher who will suggest the appropriate course for you.
  • Performing in at least one sport at the following level - school, club, county or regional. 
  • Have an understanding of the rules and regulations in at least one sport.
  • Students will ideally need to be in one of the top two science sets to support the anatomy and physiology side of the course.

Pathways into the Sixth Form:  A level Physical Education and BTEC Sport Level

Potential careers include

PE teacher, physiotherapy, sports coach,  sports nutritionist, sports journalist  and sports science.