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Charles Darwin School

Faculty Praise

The Creative Arts Department introduced perseverance pins in spring 2016. Perseverance pins are awarded to reward students who have shown determination in their art or textiles lessons. The badges will not necessarily be awarded to those who have an obvious flair for art, but to those who show they have persevered in a particular task. 

This could be demonstrated in a variety of ways, for example through:

  • working hard to get better at a skill
  • working independently
  • problem solving
  • working through a mistake
  • showing commitment to learning outside of the classroom.

One perseverance pin is awarded in each class in Years 7, 8 and 9 and students will be presented with their badge in a lesson, to be worn on the school blazer throughout the next half term. Students will then be asked to return it to their class teacher so that it can be awarded again to celebrate another student’s success the following half term.

“This is one of our strategies to support the Growth Mindset and help students to develop resilience,” explains Miss Miller, Head of Creative Arts. “I look forward to seeing the pins being worn with pride around school and to sharing the names of the new winners throughout this school year.”

Congratulations to all our winners.

Autumn 2017 - half term two

Year 7: Ellen Wilson, William Reeves, Jack Counter, Freddie Jones, Andrew Waddington, Ben Griffiths, Daisy Pluck, Lily Smithson, Lewis Burton and Kevin Yu.

Year 8: Lilly-Rose Hudson, Emma Zeelie, Louis Riskey, Ria Peters, Oscar Godwin, Nyah Sawyer, Amy McCarthy, Izzi Doyle, Sophia Kichenside and Thea D'Apice.

In Year 9 art:  Chloe Bevan and Harry Lazarus.

In Year 9 textiles: Nicole Ingleby

Autumn 2017 - half term one

Year 7: Keira Dukes, Paige Taylor, Georgina Walker, Hanna Warner, Frankie Nowers, Tilly Silver, Georgia Beaumont, Alfie-Jay Cabot, Nevada Townsend and Alfie Humphrey.

Year 8: Charlie Dejonge, Ethan Ferguson, Elley Hollman, Jodie Shillito, James Kennell, Joe Barden, Sydney Codali, Abbey Leonard, Rosie Wickenden and Callum Bloomfield.

In Year 9 art:  Amber Roe and Libby Tomkins.

In Year 9 textiles: Leigha Cain

Spring 2017

Year 7: Pacey Roseman, Emma-Lousie Burgess, Amy McCarthy, Teddy Tolland, Mantha Radford, Benjamin Norsworthy, Isabella Clark, Amy Macarthy, Lydia Meads and Grace Stacey

Year 8:  Aaron Hollis, Harry Newbound, Nicole Ingleby, Georgia Elkins, Katie Turner, Victoria Towersy, Ella Bater, Rebecca Cook and Georgie Reeves

In Year 9 art: Jennifer Turnham.

In Year 9 textiles: Paige Davey

Autumn 2016

Year 7: Charlie Dejonge, Lily-Rose Hudson, George Sheldrick, Darren Green, Kirsty Hunt, Erin Hartley, Callum Bloomfield, Liam Ricketts, Kwame Opoku-Ware and Joshua Trebell

Year 8:  Elizabeth Whitlock, Madison Lambert, Emmanuel Obeng-Boateng, Jamie-Leigh Shoesmith, Paula Szczyrba, Euan Field, Adam Linekar, Jessica Bailey, Jack Roney and Drew Gerry

In Year 9 art: Helen Cotzias.

In Year 9 textiles: Abbie Summerscales

Summer 2016

Year 7: Layla Edwards, Charlie Warne, Libby Tomkins, Hannah Gurney, Alfie Tinto, Gemma Read, Victoria Towersby, Chloe Holden, Amilie Warner and Kaya Bird

Year 8:  Teide Marrable, Katie Rapley, Frankie Newcombe-Johnson, Hailey Atkinson, Jack Osman, Harry Pluck, Molly Newall, Amiee Lineker, Olivia Burton and Jemma Dawkins

In Year 9 art: Susanna Whitlock and Amelia Porter.

In Year 9 textiles: Lucy Gurney.

Congratulations to all the recipients of the first perseverance pins, awarded in spring 2016.

In Year 7: Aaron Hollis, Hermione Weston, Georgia Baxter, Ronnie Jones, Rachel Barnes, J'Marni Fasiyiro, Mason Pridham, Lewis Wells, Morgan Shepard and Elyse Gardiner.

In Year 8: Finlay Cussen, Niamh Johnston, Andrew Stevens, Louis Cook, Helen Cotzias, Hanna Blunt, Jade Helps, Mason Harvey, Eloise Long and Olivia Cohen

In Year 9 art: Oscar Tuxford and Kathleen Giles.

In Year 9 textiles: Sancha Roa Avendano.