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Charles Darwin School


Attendance & Punctuality

Our school has very high expectations for attendance and punctuality for all students.  Attendance at school is an essential component for a student being able to achieve to the best of their abilities in all aspects of school life.  To attain this goal we set an attendance target at a minimum of 96%. 

In order to help all students achieve their attendance targets, and for safeguarding, we have a number of procedures that we ask parents to be aware of.

If a student is unable to attend school:

  • Parents/carers should telephone the School Absence Line stating a full reason for the absence before 9am

  • Be sure to update the school on every day that your child is absent

  • TruancyCall texts will be sent out to all students not marked present at registration and still not in school when Class Checks are undertaken in Period 2

  • Students must sign in at Student Services on arrival at school.

Student absence from school on their birthday will not be authorised by the school unless medical evidence is provided.

We would expect students to attend all non-emergency medical/dental appointments outside of school hours. 

Registration certificates detailing a student’s attendance and punctuality at school will be sent home with their report.  Please direct any queries about attendance marks to the Student Services Manager ext 261.


Students with excellent attendance are commended and rewarded in a variety of ways as determined by each ACO including special Reward Trips, and each term the top attending form group receives a special reward.


Persistent Absence (PA) refers to a percentage attendance of under 85% whether authorised or unauthorised by the school.  Students who have attendance below 90% or who show a sharp decline in attendance without genuine cause will be referred to the Education Welfare Officer (EWO) who may choose to interview the student or meet with parents to develop strategies to improve attendance and/or punctuality.

If your child's attendance falls below 90% the school will require a Medical Certificate or Doctor/Consultant's letter confirming dates of absence and medical conditions (the school will accept appointment cards, photocopy of prescription or photocopy of medicine labels as proof of absence). The school will not authorise any absence unless this information is received, and only at the discretion of the EWO.  Please send this information to Student Services.

The school requires parents/carers to submit a Notification for Leave of Absence form that should be completed and returned to the school at least 15 days before the proposed absence. Holidays during term time will be unauthorised for all year groups. A penalty notice can be issued for unauthorised holidays by the Bromley Educational Welfare Service.
(Notification for Leave of Absence forms can be obtained from the school Main Reception or your child can collect one from Student Services).


Lateness to school, has a direct impact on a student’s ability to learn.  If they miss Form Time the student will find themselves disadvantaged as they will not receive important information about school matters.  If students arrive when the registers are closed at 9:30am then they will receive a U code, which will affect their attendance.  Late TruancyCalls are sent for any student arriving after 9:30am.  Students will receive a Whole School Detention if they are late to registration more than twice.  Persistent latecomers may be placed on report and have to make up time missed during lunchtime detentions.


Excellent attendance and punctuality is as vital in Sixth Form as in the lower years, and is monitored by the Sixth Form team.  Please report any absences on the Absence Line and any Planned Absence will need to be reported to Mrs Kearney. Holidays during term time will be unauthorised. Sixth Form students must sign in and out at Student Services if they arrive after registration or leave before the end of the day.


Absence from school must be reported via the School Absence line before 9:00am on every day that your son/daughter is not present at school.

01959 574043, Option 1.