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Charles Darwin School

2022-2023 Jack Petchy Winners

September   2022      Year 10    Winner:   Jasmine O’Brien

Jasmine has received this award for being a hard worker who doesn’t give up, even if something goes wrong, she has a great personality and her form group wanted her to be recognised for her achievements.

Jasmine’s Drama teacher has commented that she is an absolute delight to teach; she puts her very best efforts into every lesson, even if she finds something difficult; she asks questions to push her learning further and she works hard to put feedback into practice. 

Jasmine also makes every effort to get fully involved in extra-curricular activities in the Expressive Arts including the Tender project in Year 9, Thrive (dance group) and the school productions.  She is incredibly dedicated!

October   2022      Year 11    Winner:   Jessica Grace

Jessica has received this award for being such a kind, friendly and helpful student.   Jessica’s English teacher has commented that she is a hard-working student who comes into school with a smile on her face and a positive attitude.

Jessica’s Dance teacher has been impressed with how fast she has picked up her solo performance phrase ready for her GCSE exam and the way in which she has been proactive in asking how she can improve her theory written papers.  At our recent Musical Day of Dance she performed with energy and commitment.  Well done Jess.

October   2022      Year 13    Winner:   Nyah Tomlinson-Allen

Nyah has received this award in recognition of her being a polite, hard-working and great student, who is dedicated to her studies and completes all her work to deadlines; she never loses her focus in lessons and engages fully in all tasks set.

Nyah regularly gives up her time by helping out in PE where she is such a wonderful role model for other students with her positive can-do attitude.   

Outside of school she is committed to her ballroom, Latin and formation dancing with her absolute dedication to rehearsals and travelling to Wales to compete. 

November   2022      Year 8   Winner:   Aoife Teehan

Aoife has received this award for being a personable student who is always supportive to her peers and for being relentless in pursing excellence.

She has also been recognised for her continued hard work and commitment to PE and extra‑curricula activities.

Aoife has demonstrated a strong ability in Drama where she works well with others and often manages to draw the best out of other more reluctant students.  She empathises with characters that we study which has been instrumental in her understanding of how to then play them with compassion and care.  Aoife is a great role model to other students in the class on what is expected from a high achieving Drama student

January   2023      Year 9   Winner:   Amelia Waddington

Amelia has received this award for being a student who works her socks off in every lesson.    Not only does she appear in the platinum banding for effort but she also exceeds her target threshold as a consequence of her determination and commitment. 

Amelia is studious, with an outstanding work ethic and has accumulated over 70 achievement points so far this year.  Amelia is a real asset to Year 9!

February   2023      Year 7   Winner:   Jenson Ladd-Talbot

Jenson has received this award for regularly going above and beyond in all of his lessons with a particular mention from the Maths department who wanted to commend him for his mature approach that he has to his studies and for his incredible work ethic both inside and outside of lessons; where he has taken it upon himself to complete extra tasks to challenge his learning.  Jenson’s enthusiasm for the subject is infectious!

Jenson’s form group have also nominated him for always being kind and helpful to everyone, for consistently trying his best and for pushing himself to his limits.  For taking an active role in the school community by being his form’s Student Voice Representative and also for being a member of the School Council.

February   2023      Year 12   Winner:   Ciara Bain

Ciara has received this award for being an incredibly positive person who gives most generously of her time. Ciara has worked consistently with a Year 7 form group, assisting with their assembly and speaking individually to students seeking her advice.

Ciara has assisted the Sixth Form enormously with its promotion, through taking responsibility for creating a social media package to advertise positive aspects of life in Charles Darwin Sixth Form to our target audience.

March   2023      Year 12   Winner:   Nyasha Dombojena 

Nyasha has received this award for being a fantastic role model for others. She takes her education extremely seriously with 100% attendance and a consistently hard working ethos, but she also finds time to play a part in the wider life of the Sixth Form always being sure to act inclusively, gathering the views of all and ensuring that all angles are considered.  This was particularly apparent in Nyasha's recent contributions to addressing the dress code review in the Sixth Form where her balanced approach was very much appreciated by all.

March   2023      Year 11   Winner:   Danny Rufford

Danny  has received this award for always being a polite, hardworking, respectful young man who fully commits to school life.  He is a delight to teach, engages well in lessons and is not afraid to take risks in answering questions in front of the class. 

Members of Danny’s form group admire his kindness, determination and his outwardly expressed enthusiasm, which inspires them greatly: describing him as an asset to the year group.  An inspiration to us all!

April   2023      Year 10  Winner:   Khushi Sinha

Khushi has received this award for ‘being amazing’ and for showing such bravery in taking part in the 'Speak Out Challenge'. During the Challenge Khushi also showed kindness towards her fellow competitors in her support for them.

Khushi’s peers were very impressed with the tenacity she exhibited to get to the final of the 'Speak Out Challenge' and how she was not disheartened with the final result but continued to remain positive. Well done Khushi!

May   2023      Year 8  Winner:   Leo Currier

Leo has received this award in recognition of his outstanding work ethic and his unbelievable steely determination to succeed in all he does.

One teacher wrote the following about Leo:

“I think the fable of the man who sowed the seed of his talent is no more evident than in Leo. Leo knows what he needs to do and is improving and progressing so well. He has an ability to develop discussion that contributes to the flow of lesson time, and he makes his peers address situations that demand attention through his questions and attitude to learning. A real pleasure to have in my classroom!”

June   2023      Year 7  Winner:   Ava Reillys

Ava has received this award in recognition of her amazing efforts in raising a significant amount of money for Cancer Research by skipping every day.  Ava greatly exceeded her anticipated total and did this challenge all on her own, showing real grit, determination and resilience.

Ava’s kind and caring nature extends to her friends, who really appreciate all the support that she gives them.