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Charles Darwin School

2021-2022 Jack Petchy Winners

September   2021      Year 10    Winner:   Maisie Loxdale

Maisie has received this award for being a conscientious student who is completely focused in lessons. 

Maisie approaches all her studies with a positive attitude and maximum effort.  She is a hard‑working student whose focus and determination to succeed is admirable.  Maisie is a pleasure to have in the class!

October   2021      Year 8    Winner:   Jack Lynch

Jack has received this award for being a delightful pupil who works extremely hard and always gives his best.  An example of this focus is when he worked really hard and achieved a platinum grade for effort in Year 7 even when things were challenging - he did not let this knock him off course.

Jack was nominated by a number of students in his form group who recognised the focus and effort that he puts into his studies when he finds things difficult and also for being a good role model to other students with his kindness and helpfulness.

Staff have also commented that Jack always puts in excellent effort in his studies by fully participating in lessons.  His enthusiasm is recognised and appreciated.

October   2021      Year 13    Winner:   Hannah Gurney

Hannah has received this award for being a lovely individual who is always so positive and engaged, and if given a challenge, will take it on wholeheartedly. Her energy and focus is so impressive and it has been great to see her adapt and develop her Media Studies skills so adeptly during her interrupted time on the Level 3 course.

Hannah’s creative working relationship with another Media Studies student has resulted in numerous outstanding promotional videos for the school community in her own time, alongside completing all her school work.  These videos include Open Days and a Sixth Form video to promote Media Studies Level 3 courses to the next generation. 

Hannah is really generous with her time and talents, and she has refined her camera and editing skills in an impressive manner over the past year and a half. In short, one can always rely on Hannah to be positive, industrious and kind to others.

November   2021      Year 11   Winner:   Jessica Champion

Jessica has received this award for being a hardworking, kind young lady who quietly ‘gets on with things’.  She is pragmatic and her attitude towards her studies is very impressive.

Jessica has recently been producing excellent Drama homework which is fantastic to see and evidence of her continued hard work. 

As well as throwing herself into her studies, she is also taking part in the school production as one of the main characters which takes up a lot of time and energy.  Well done Jessica!

January   2022      Year 7   Winner:   Ellis Jones

Ellis has received this award for always being kind and polite to everybody and for showing an astounding level of maturity which has been recognised by staff and pupils.  Ellis has shown incredible kindness and sensitivity when dealing with difficult issues, and he has gone out of his way to help new students

February   2022      Year 9   Winner:   Rex Antepin

Rex has received this award for this award for working hard in all of his lessons.  Rex puts 100% effort into every piece of work that he completes by persevering through tasks and challenges

For being a positive role model for many members of his form group and peers, and for being someone who is always willing to help others.

February   2022      Year 12  Winner:   Lily Steen

Lily has received this award for showing real determination by working incredibly hard in her studies, whilst taking on board all feedback quickly and conscientiously.   Her effort is exemplarily and reflects how determined she is to achieve her very best. 

Lily’s peers admire her very much and have described her as a ‘phenomenal friend who puts everyone else before herself.’

March   2022      Year 12  Winner:   Brody Iliffe

Brody has received this award for being an all-round excellent young man with good manners and a great personality, for being helpful, polite and for showing an interest in others. 

Brody has also been recognised for the fantastic work he does in the Library as part of the Sixth Form Community Service.  He is always punctual and extremely helpful, undertaking all duties with a conscientious attitude from tidy the books to assisting other students if they need help on the computer.