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Charles Darwin School

2020-2021 Jack Petchey Winners

September 2020      Year 10     Winner:  Emmanuel Berkoh-Prince

Emmanuel has received this award for being an amazing young man since starting at Charles Darwin School in Year 7.  He is polite, hard-working and always kind to others.  Even when life becomes challenging, Emmanuel remains positive and as kind as he always has been.  Emmanuel is a joy to have in form time and his peers have nothing but absolute praise and admiration for him.

October 2020     Year 8     Winner:  Alexander Hards

Alexander has received this award for the tremendous effort that he has shown in his approach to his studies.  He has impressed teachers with his resolve and dedication both during lock down and since returning to school, showing real determination during these challenging times.

Alexander has also been nominated for the kind and respectful approach he has shown towards others.  He is a model student who is always polite and described by teachers and students alike as kind and caring and always ready to help anyone. 

This award is a fitting recognition of Alexander’s achievement

October 2020      Year 13     Winner:  Louise Walker

Louise has received this award in recognition of her individual commitment, dedication and focus during the lockdown period and into this year which has led to her having an improved understanding of chemistry.   This hard work has resulted in Louise consistently performing at high grades in this subject.

In addition to Louise’s academic progress, she has also been recognised for her weekly volunteer work at RDA (Riding for the Disabled Association) Bradbourne, where for the past three years, she has been working as part of a team leading horses and their riders alongside ensuring the rider’s safety and attending training courses when offered.  Louise’s dedication to volunteering has led her to receive a certificate of high commendation for her contribution to the local community.

November 2020      Year 11     Winner:  Isobel Doyle

Izzi has received this award for her continued achievement and effort in every aspect of her studies.    Izzi’s high aspirations are evident, as she works tirelessly to continuously improve and excel in everything she does.

Izzi is a fantastic role-model to others with her positive approach to life and hardworking attitude. She is also supportive and encouraging to other students and is always ready to help out.  Always smiling and a pleasure to teach; a true inspiration to others!

January 2021      Year 7     Winner:   Henry West 

Henry has received this award for being a hardworking, polite and kind student.   For being a fantastic role-model to others; Henry is always positive in lessons and sets a good example by being kind and helpful with his generous offers of help and support to other students.  Henry has been described as someone who is “always willing to lend a hand”.  Well done Henry!

February 2021      Year 9     Winner:   Jack Maslin

Jack has received this award in recognition of his excellent engagement with his work both prior to and during lockdown.  Jack’s attitude towards remote learning matches his attitude in school; Jack contributes actively to lessons and completes all work set to a high standard whilst meeting all deadlines.  

Jack shows a real determination to succeed in his Drama lessons where he approaches all of his work with positivity.  Jack is always personable, friendly and warm in all of his interactions with others.

February 2021      Year 12     Winner:   Paula Szczyrba

Paula has received this award for always producing stimulating, well-developed and exploratory work in both her Media and Film Studies lessons, where she draws on a range of ideas and traditions in both her practical and analytical work.  Her written pieces are extended, thorough and contain advanced specialist terms; her creative production work is amazing, and she can work in a range of different registers and forms.

Paula is also so generous with her time and skills, and is very happy to support her peers.  In collaboration with another student, Paula has recently made three separate promotional videos for the school.  The process of planning, filming, editing and then ensuring the final promotional video outcome is fit for purpose is a complex and elaborate process, and one that Paula deserves an immense amount of credit for.  Paula worked consistently in such a professional way, to achieve results that many members of the school community simply assumed that the videos had been created by a specialist external video production company.

Paula is an exceptional student and the positive impact that she has had on the school’s media department is phenomenal.

March  2021      Year 12     Winner:   Jacob Brooks

Jacob has received this award for being an absolute pleasure to teach in his Finance lessons; he is hardworking, attentive and has a real sense of interest in the subject.  Jacob completes all of his work to the best of his ability, will always check his understanding of the subject area and has put an enormous amount of effort into exam practice which will give him every opportunity to be successful in this subject

Jacob is a very well-liked member of his form group who is engaging in tutor time in a respectful  way and he is someone who is always happy to take part in discussions and give a mature response.

Also, Jacob has shown remarkable physical ability during lockdown when his A Level PE class embarked on a practical team challenge during the recent half-term break.  The challenge was to run/walk as far as possible and Jacob participated by deciding to go out one day and run/jog a marathon which he completed in a brilliant time of 5 hours.  The level of personal motivation it takes to simply go out and do this in his own time is outstanding.

March  2021      Year 10     Winner:   Ellen Wilson

Ellen has received this award in recognition for being such a diligent and consistently hard-working student.   Ellen’s focus and work ethic in her English lessons during lockdown was fabulous, and she very much impressed her teacher who commented that it is so wonderful to see how hard she works in order to make progress and do well in your studies.

Ellen has also impressed her Maths teacher by accomplishing 100% achievement in all the tasks set online during lockdown.  Ellen is always on time to lessons, polite and most noteworthy is her unselfish attitude and caring nature in explaining Maths work to her partner in class.  Well done!

April  2021      Year 11     Winner:   Erin Hartley

Erin has received this award for being a smashing student who always works to her full capacity.  Erin also actively contributes to the life of the school, for example by representing her year group in the Student Council since Year 7.   

Erin has always put maximum effort into her work which is reflected in the fact that she has achieved nothing lower than a Grade 1 for effort on all three of her academic reports this year - an outstanding achievement!

Erin is thoughtful and considerate, and her friendly smile and enthusiasm for school are quite infectious whilst her impeccable manners, courtesy and confidence represent the values that we hold dear at Charles Darwin School.

May  2021      Year 8     Winner:   Tillie Bansel

Tillie has received this award for coping so well when having to shield at home for such a large part of Year 8 during lockdown and for settling back in as if she had never been away.

Tillie managed her time in a mature and organised manner showing dedication to her studies.   In particular, she completed all her English work to a very high standard, completed extra work and generally went ‘that extra mile.’ 

Tillie is such a lovely, polite and caring young lady who absolutely deserves this recognition.

June  2021      Year 7    Winner:   Isla Morris-Pratt

Isla has received this award for being a positive and incredibly hard-working student who is achieving well.  Isla always go above and beyond, especially in her French lessons where she is wanting to be pushed and challenged with her wonderful work ethic and contributions to class.

Isla is a fantastic exemplary pupil who shines both as a team player who is a good advocate for others, and as an individual.

Isla’s form group have nominated her collectively in recognition of her hard work and achievement in lessons, for being studious and ambitious which are all qualities that they admire.