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Charles Darwin School

2019-2020 Jack Petchey winners

September 2019      Year 10     Winner:  Alex Wilkinson
Alex has received this award for his wonderful contribution to the school community, whether it is in form time with his mature and thoughtful contributions to pastoral discussions that are well received, in lessons with his hard work and positive attitude towards his studies or representing the school in sporting events.

As a member of the school’s Elite Athletes Scheme, Alex is an all-round sportsman whose passion for sports really shines through not only in his sporting ability and skill but also in the manner in which he conducts himself when competing.

October 2019      Year 8     Winner:  Gabriela Mitzeva

Gabriela has received this award in recognition for her being a great form group representative through her role as a member of Student Voice, for always giving her best in her lessons by producing excellent work and also through her commitment to sporting activities such as netball, rounders, trampolining and Dance.

Gabriela has also be described by her peers as being an awesome role model as she is kind, friendly and approachable, and for being someone who likes to help others whenever you can.

October 2019      Year 13     Winner:  Amelia Porter

Amelia has received this award for her dedicated service to the local community through sport coaching.  She is a fantastic role model for younger students and also to her peers.  Whatever the challenge, Amelia strives to remain positive and rise to meet it remaining pleasant and helpful.

November 2019      Year 11     Winner:  Rachel Barnes

Rachel has received this award in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the life of the school and consistent excellent effort in her studies which is reflected in her platinum effort grades.

Rachel is a polite, friendly and helpful student who goes that extra mile by taking part in extra activities within school including sports, participating in the Duke of Edinburgh Award and being a school prefect. 

Rachel also gives up her own time to support GCSE and A Level Dance students by being a dancer in their choreography for their exam pieces.

January 2020      Year 7     Winner:  Jedd Hobbs

Jedd has received this award for being a great role model to others in how he conducts himself in and round school; for being a polite, friendly, hardworking student who always tries his best.

This award also recognises Jedd’s involvement in school activities including being elected by his form group to be a Student Voice representative and for his good leadership skills in his role as captain of the football team.

February 2020      Year 9     Winner:  Latifah Lutaya

Latifah has received this award for being an extremely hard-working and conscientious student, especially in her English lessons where she participates fully and makes valuable contributions to the lessons.

Fellow students admire her and describe her as a kind and caring person and someone who goes out their way to help people.  A fantastic role-model to others.

February 2020      Year 12     Winner:  Macy Cole

Macy has received this award for her excellent contribution to school; her dedication to mentoring Year 11 students and for her enthusiasm and eagerness in raising money for Zanzibar.

March 2020      Year 12     Winner:  Kai Grant

Kai has received this award in recognition of his dedication to community service in school by supporting a Year 11 French class and for his outstanding fundraising efforts for Zanzibar.

March 2020      Year 10     Winner:  Isabella Amankwah-Antepim

Isabella has received this award for being a constant hard-worker and never seeming to stray from her morals.  For being kind and productive young person who is always up for helping others and is focused and positive about her studies.

Isabella is an amazing ambassador for our school and a great reminder of how good our school is.  For being polite and friending, and for always having a smile on her face!

April 2020      Year 8     Winner:  Emmy Vince

Emmy has received this award for always carrying out wider and independent research in her History lessons where her work is well-presented and to such a high standard.  For wanting to go that extra mile to challenge herself and always recommending resources or places to visit that she has experienced.

For producing extremely-high quality Drama work this year which covered a lot of challenging content, from the First World War and a solider with shell-sock/PTSD to healthy relationships and even the challenge of how to create comedy, Emmy puts her complete-all into every task set, her homework is exemplary and she is a beacon for others to aspire to.