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Charles Darwin School

2015-2016 Jack Petchey Winners

September 2015     Year 8                Winner: Emily Wilson

Reason:  Emily is a hard-working conscientious pupil who is an exemplary role model in school.  In particular, Emily’s classwork in Art was outstanding ensuring she gained the high grade which she deserved.  She is a reliable pupil, who is widely respected by her peers and willing to help them in all aspects of school work both in school and in her extra-curricular activities.

October 2015      Year 10      Winner:  Wick Wickenden

Reason:  Wick has received this award for being a hard-working, kind, lovely-natured person with a positive attitude.  Wick has shown a real change in application to her Dance lessons; both in her eagerness to receive feedback on how to improve her performance and for her work ethic which is fantastic.

November 2015     Year 11               Winner: Jack Lineker

Reason:  Jack has received this award for being a polite and respectful young man who fully commits to both his school studies and extra-curricular activities with his industrious and motivated approach to school life; for his community spirit and kindness to others.  An inspiration to us all!

January 2016     Year 7                     Winner:  Malachi Reid

Reason:  Malachi has received this award for being an inspiration to all students within school, proving that anything is possible with hard work and determination.  Malachi always has a smile on his face and will to attempt all challenges he faces.

February 2016     Year 12                 Winner:  Liam Cornelius-Rumsey 

Reason:  Liam has received this award for being an outstanding individual who is fun, interesting, intellectually curious and hardworking, who consistently puts in 100% effort into all aspects of life both in and outside of school, and for going above and beyond with his Zanzibar charity work contribution.

March 2016     Year 13                      Winner:  Daryl Jones

Reason:  Daryl has received this award for her strength of character and determination to succeed in the face of adversity, for being an excellent role model who always does the right thing and for her sense of humour that brightens the day and makes her shine.

April 2016     Year 9                           Winner:  David Slade

Reason:  David has received this award for being a kind, happy and positive person who goes out of his way to help others.  Fellow students have commented on how friendly and approachable David is.

May 2016     Year 8                            Winner:  Annelise Persson

Reason:  Annelise has received this award in recognition of her inspirational contribution to the school community, for being a hard-working conscientious student who puts 100% effort into everything she does and for being kind, helpful and completely selfless.

She was also nominated for being an extremely talented Dancer who has shown tremendous dedication to extra-curricular Dance; in-school by being part of the X-Tol Dance Company and participating in the school’s annual Dance Competition and outside of school for her recent performance with the English Youth Ballet.

June 2016     Year 10             Winner: Jack Fagan

Reason:  Jack has received this award for being an incredibly thoughtful, polite and supportive student.  Jack is a hard-working student who manages his time well and studies hard.  His wit and charm is infectious and his fantastic sense of positivity is a great example to other students.