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Charles Darwin School

2013-2014 Jack Petchey winners

September 2013     Year 8      Winner:  Sidnie Kilby

Sidnie has received this award for her wonderfully positive attitude towards both English and Maths, for her dedication to self-improvement of her work, her high quality of homework over a variety of subjects.  Sidnie is highly valued by staff and peers alike and to top it all, she is unassuming and a fantastic friend.

October 2013       Year 10      Winner:  Jordan Barnes  

Jordan has received this award because he never fails to show a consistently positive attitude towards his studies, despite of his own personal circumstances.

Jordan is exemplary in his determination to succeed in school and he is a good and supportive friend to his peers.  A shining star in school productions, Jordan will be a success in whatever career he aspires to.

November 2013     Year 11   Winner:  Harvie Hudson

Harvie has received this award for his extremely positive work ethic and as a result has risen to the challenge of keeping on top of his Business Studies coursework in a mature and dedicated way.  He has shown outstanding effort and commitment in Spanish.

Harvie is an absolute pleasure to teach, he is a student who works hard in all his lessons with high aspirations and a purposeful drive towards in achieving his goals.

January 2014          Year 7    Winner:  Charlotte Brewster

Charlotte has won this award for being an outstanding student in every respect.  Charlotte works very hard and achieves excellent results. She is a polite, enthusiastic and motivated student who works well with other students.  She is an absolute credit to the school and Year 7.

February 2014       Year 12    Winner: Ross Denyer

Ross has received this award for his staggering commitment to his studies, the level of which is unprecedented in BTEC ICT and Photography.  Ross shows a real talent and ambition to succeed and should be rightfully commended for this.

March 2014           Year 13    Winner:  Cameron Luckens

Cameron has received this award for his outstanding charity work, visiting both Romania and Kenya in the last twelve months.  Cameron gives freely of his own time to support others, both in school and out of school and shows an exemplary work ethic in the Sixth Form.

April 2014              Year 9       Winner:  Kirsten Skinner

Kirsten has received this award because she not only for her outstanding commitment to her GCSE PE studies and her high level of performance in school sport which include athletics and football but also for her skill in Drama as a talented actress and for her exceptional written work. 

Kirsten has represented the school regularly at sporting events where she is a dedicated and reliable member of the team.  She is a conscientious student who puts care and attention into every aspect of her studies which makes her a role model for peers and young students alike.

May 2014            Year 8        Winner:  William Dalgliesh

William has received this award for his mature approach to his studies, consistency of his work, for his willingness to help other students and for volunteering to be a Librarian.

In addition, William is a polite and sensible student with a thirst for knowledge and learning which has helped to make him an excellent Chairman of the Debating Society.

June 2014        Year 10        Winner: Callum Kenney

Callum has received this award for being a model pupil both in lessons and the wider school. He is always prepared to go the extra mile in terms of his academic progress and the way in which he gives back to the school from mentoring work with Gifted and Talented Club and supporting the School Council.