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Charles Darwin School

Time to fly

Year 10 student and RAF cadet talks about her experience in an RAF plane.

I woke up at five in the morning to get to RAF Benson by 8:00am and as I arrived a saw a chinook helicopter taking off. We watched a safety video on how to get into a plane and exit in case of an emergency. In the next building we put on our flight suits, gloves, parachute and helmets. The pilot came in and introduced himself at this point as it was time to fly. I boarded the plane with a mixture of fear and excitement but remained calm and we taxied up the run way then off we went. I looked down on Oxford and the River Thames. Then I took  control and was taught barrel rolls and loops. This is one of the best opportunities I have been offered as an RAF cadet and is certainly one I will never forget.

Mollie Mitchell