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Charles Darwin School

Christmas Market Trip

It has felt like a long time coming for the MFL department... Christmas Market Trip time!  On 2nd-4th December, Miss Wood, Mrs Kaye-Chubb, Miss Corris and Mr Lamb had the great pleasure of taking 47 pupils from Year 9, 10, 12 & 13 who study French or German, to French, Belgian and German Christmas markets.  What a treat!  En route, we visited firstly Namur in Belgium, followed by two Christmas markets in Aachen and Monschau, Germany, and finally en route back home, Lille in France.  Our youth hostel was in the cosy and picturesque little German town of Monschau with its authentic Christmas market which we enjoyed on our second evening.  All the markets were fantastic, but the highlights of the trip according to pupils were the big Ferris Wheel in Lille, enjoying hot chocolates with lots of cream in boot-shaped mugs in Aachen and feeling like locals in Monschau whilst enjoying the traditional atmosphere and munching on Bratwurst mit Pommes (sausage with fries) and crêpes in Monschau!  It was such a successful trip that we are already looking forward to next year's trip!