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Charles Darwin School

Year 10 Careers Day

On Wednesday 20th July and Thursday 21st July Year 10 students took part in careers activities as well as their English Speaking and Listening.

On Wednesday, Year 10 students took part in a work shadowing day which, judging by the feedback, was a very positive experience for them.

On Thursday, Year 10 students came to school for their Mock Interviews with a range of employers from the local community.  Students were very positive and really enjoyed the experience. Some commented that they felt the experience was invaluable and really appreciated the opportunity to practice their interview skills.  This will doubt stand them in good stead when they attend college or job interviews in the future.  

Thank you to all the interviewers who gave up their time to interview the students and many of who commented on how prepared and organised the students were and how well they came across in the interviews.

Well done to all the Year 10 students who took part.

Mr J. Simpson, Assistant Headteacher