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Welcome to Charles Darwin

Choosing a secondary school is perhaps the most important educational decision a family has to make. I am confident that at Charles Darwin we provide an excellent educational experience for all pupils as our growing reputation in the area and our Ofsted report confirms. Last year we were heavily oversubscribed and the demand for places this year promises to be even higher.

My philosophy for education is based on a blend of proven traditional educational values together with the best from our more recent and improved understanding of how students access learning and are motivated to do so. This philosophy has been affirmed and strengthened over my time in teaching.

Latest News

Headlines - 03/07/2015

Year 6 Singles Day
Thursday’s Year 6 Singles Day, held to support those transferring in September who may not know any other children, was a wonderful success. Such days that ease the transition process for children who may be vulnerable are crucial not only in terms of ensuring that pupils settle in well but also in reassuring families before the long summer break. The children that I spoke to thoroughly enjoyed their day and were very excited about joining us in September.

Driven by Consequences
Thursday’s Driven by Consequences was a very successful event. This is the second time we have hosted this event which is organised by the Bromley Road Safety team and attended by a whole range of emergency services including the Police, Fire Brigade, Ambulance Service and HEMS. A number of guests also came along including Governors Julian Benington and Mervin Sharp as well as Emily Groves an ex-student and cousin of Lillian Groves who was tragically killed by a drug driver in 2010, aged 14. It is so vitally important that our youngsters learn to drive safely and my sincere thanks to all those involved.

Sunil Chotai


Headlines - 26/06/15

Sixth Form Ball
The annual Sixth Form Ball held last Friday was once again a super occasion. There was a warm and vibrant atmosphere and the students themselves looked stunning and had an amazing time, although there were quite a few tears at the end. This cohort has been a fantastic bunch and whilst it is always sad to say farewell, it is with a great sense of pride that we wish them all the very best for their futures.

Creative Explosion
My thanks to all those who attended Wednesday’s Creative Explosion. The fantastic display of creative work from our students was very impressive indeed and the extensive range of disciplines covered was remarkable. The students’ art work, design and technology creations, textiles prints and the striking photography work when displayed together in such a professional style give us a very good picture of the talent that we have within our school.

School Shows
Over the past few weeks there have been a number of performing arts and musical events. In every single one the performances of our students have been amazing. As I am sure all those families who attended will agree, the standard of acting, dance, singing and instrumental playing has once again highlighted not just the talent of our students but the hard work put in by staff.

Sunil Chotai



Headlines - 19/06/2015

Year 7 Induction Evening and Interview Day

It was a delight to see our new Year 7 students and their families at the Induction Evening on Wednesday and again for their personal interviews on Thursday this week. These occasions are always really important for the new families and for the school.

Many parents said how pleased they were that their children had secured a place with us and the children themselves said how excited they are to be joining us in September.

Head Boy and Head Girl selection

This week we held the hustings for our new Head Boy and Head Girl. The process of selecting our Sixth Form Head Boy and Head Girl is a pretty rigorous and demanding one and I have to say that I felt for the candidates as they each made their address to the large group of staff gathered on Tuesday. This was of course on top of their speeches to all year groups.

The students themselves were remarkable given how daunting this must have been and I would like to wish them the best of luck for the forthcoming vote.

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Sunil Chotai


Headlines - 12/06/2015

On Tuesday evening the Friends of Charles Darwin School held their AGM followed by their usual business meeting. Families will be aware that over the last year the Friends have raised a significant amount of money, supporting various departments and needs across the school community. The list of areas supported and fundraising schemes itemised at the AGM was indeed impressive. At the meeting I was able to thank all the members of the Friends who gave up their time regularly, not only to raise money but to actively promote and support our work in many other ways.

Over the next year the Friends would like to increase and expand parental and staff involvement, particularly as some members are now approaching the end of their term. With this in mind we are currently appealing for new members and any parents interested in joining the Friends should contact Julie Hodgkinson on extension 208 in the first instance.

Unfortunately I could not attend the Summer Musicfest on Wednesday evening. However I am very reliably informed that it was a great concert and a super experience with a wide range of students from across the school participating. The breadth of performance with a mix of classical instrument playing, rock/pop and vocal performances showed great confidence and lots of talent. My congratulations to all involved. 

The full newsletter is available here - The Link

Sunil Chotai


Headlines - 05/06/2015

Year 13 Leavers’ BBQ
On the Friday just before the half term break I had the pleasure of attending the Year 13 leavers’ BBQ and awards presentation. It was a superb event full of warmth, good humour and a sense of occasion. The hundred or so assembled Sixth Formers in their incredibly creative Hollywood inspired costumes were a delight to be with and superb ambassadors for this school. The atmosphere with its unique blend of excitement and anxiety made for an occasion that was both serious and yet somehow very informal.

The Year 13 students have been a wonderful bunch and a delight to teach throughout their time at Charles Darwin School. I would like to wish them all every success for the future.

Year 13 Final Show - 'Friends the Musical'
On Thursday evening the Year 13 Performing Arts students performed their final piece. It must have been an emotional event for all concerned, particularly as the two students Leah Martin and Sophie Eagle have such a rich history of school performances over the years. I am told that the performance was yet again of a super standard, it was funny and very well acted. The audience was thoroughly entertained and very appreciative of the quality of the production. My congratulations to Leah and Sophie and my thanks to them for their outstanding contribution to our school.

The full newsletter is available here - The Link

Sunil Chotai