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Welcome to Charles Darwin

Choosing a secondary school is perhaps the most important educational decision a family has to make. I am confident that at Charles Darwin we provide an excellent educational experience for all pupils as our growing reputation in the area and our Ofsted report confirms. Last year we were heavily oversubscribed and the demand for places this year promises to be even higher.

My philosophy for education is based on a blend of proven traditional educational values together with the best from our more recent and improved understanding of how students access learning and are motivated to do so. This philosophy has been affirmed and strengthened over my time in teaching.

Latest News

Headlines - 30/01/2015

Kirkland Rowell Survey

Parents and students may remember that during the autumn term we undertook a parent and pupil perception survey. This was analysed by an external company and I have produced a short summary of their findings [You can find the report here]. Students have had a presentation on this from Mrs Rees in their assemblies.

This weeks link is available here - The Link


Headlines - 23/01/2015

Year 11

My thanks to all families who attended Thursday’s Year 11 Parents’ Evening. It was a very busy and productive evening and in talking to staff and parents I sensed a focus and purpose in our working together to encourage students towards maximising achievement as we approach the exam season.

Easter School is just one of the many strategies in place to help our students to be as successful as possible in their GCSE exams and we are fortunate that members of staff are prepared to give up some of their holiday to provide this support. Easter School offers a series of revision sessions for Year 11 students to give them an extra boost with their preparation for the GCSE exams and this year Easter School will take place during the Easter holidays and over the May half term. In addition this year some subjects are offering classes during the February half term.

The Easter holidays are a crucial time for revising for the final GCSE exams, so all students should be studying over the Easter holiday as well as the May half term, whether they are able to attend Easter School or not. Many departments are currently running revision sessions after school or at lunch time and this includes sessions for Maths every Tuesday after school and for Science on Mondays at lunch time and after school and on Wednesdays after school.

I would like to thank all families for their continued support with helping our Year 11 students to achieve educational success.

Sunil Chotai


Headlines - 16/01/2015

Break with a Cake

Last Friday during break with a cake, I met 14 students from Year 7 whose excellent effort grades in a whole range of subjects have enabled them to achieve overall Platinum effort status. It was a superb meeting with this delightful and hardworking cohort who were very chatty and eloquent as they told me how much they enjoyed school, how well they have settled into their new environment, how the school compared with their expectations and what I should do to improve the school further. They were a very confident, articulate and communicative group who once they tucked into their treat of orange squash and cake opened up on their views of what good education looks like and what they need to contribute to their own education.


On Tuesday evening at the Friends’ meeting we discussed the usual fundraising events and received a report on the finances raised since the last meeting. I am very pleased to report that at the meeting the Friends group decided to donate a further £1200 to the school.

At the meeting we also discussed how future fundraising ideas and strategy needs to involve the school’s pupils much more directly. One of the ideas proposed at the meeting was to initiate a joint school wide fund raising campaign involving pupils, staff, Friends and parents to raise about £20,000 over the next year to part-fund the installation of some shelters in the school picnic area. The proposal was very popular at the meeting and is something that will enable the development of a much needed facility at the back of the school. My thanks to this wonderful group of people who work so hard for the benefit of our school.

Read the full Newsletter here - The Link


Sunil Chotai

Headlines - 09/01/2015

Welcome Back

A very warm welcome back to our students. I hope that all families had an enjoyable and restful Christmas break. This term will inevitably be busy and demanding for us all. It is a crucially important time for those students taking public examinations who will need to increase their focus and momentum in order to secure good GCSE and A level results this summer. Staff will, of course, be working closely with our students to provide them with the necessary support and guidance in the run-up to their exams. Although the summer may seem some time away, there are now just 10 school weeks until Easter and the examination season will soon be upon us. I would encourage all our examination students to sign up for the revision classes that we are currently operating after school and for the revision sessions which will run during the Easter break.

Kirkland Rowell Survey

I would like to thank those families and students who completed the Kirkland Rowell survey. We have now received the report which has made interesting and gratifying reading. The overall findings give a pleasingly positive picture; both parents and students reported they felt the school has made significant and impressive improvements and reported high rates of satisfaction with the vast majority of our work. We will of course be looking into the analysis in more detail in the next few weeks.

Read the full newsletter here - The Link


Sunil Chotai


Potential Bus Strike

Parents may be aware that there is a proposed transport strike that may impact the bus services that serve the school. The proposed 24 hour strike might affect school services on Tuesday 13th January 2015.  Transport for London is served by at least 20 bus companies and each company may take a different view to strike action. Go Ahead and Stagecoach provide services to Charles Darwin School. The school will be open for a normal day. Should the strike go ahead, it may affect all services, some services or none at all. At this point in time we have no further information than this.  I would strongly advise parents and carers to keep updated with the news of the proposed strike and to ensure that alternative provision, either through driving or car sharing with another family who drives to Charles Darwin. Please allow plenty of time for the journey as we would expect traffic to be more congested if the strike were to go ahead. I will update parents further with any developments via the school website.


Mr R Jones