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Welcome to Charles Darwin

Choosing a secondary school is perhaps the most important educational decision a family has to make. I am confident that at Charles Darwin we provide an excellent educational experience for all pupils as our growing reputation in the area and our Ofsted report confirms. Last year we were heavily oversubscribed and the demand for places this year promises to be even higher.

My philosophy for education is based on a blend of proven traditional educational values together with the best from our more recent and improved understanding of how students access learning and are motivated to do so. This philosophy has been affirmed and strengthened over my time in teaching.

Latest News

Headlines - 17/04/2015

Academies Capital Funding Success
Just before the end of last term we received confirmation from the Department for Education that we have been successful in our application for funding to enable us to repair our roofs and parts of the heating system. Overall we will receive around £900,000 to address these two important issues. My thanks to Mr. Hodgkinson, the school’s Premises Manager, whose hard work has enabled us to secure this impressive amount of funding.

Easter School
My thanks to all staff and students who contributed to the highly successful Easter School. The feedback from the students I spoke to both during Easter School and on the first Monday back suggests that they really appreciate the time that staff give up to support their revision. Many of the students spoke particularly highly of the material that staff provided to enable revision and about the style that staff adopted during the sessions in terms of addressing individual misunderstandings and gaps in knowledge. Once again my thanks to all who gave up their time during the holidays, to Ms. Kelly for her oversight and to Mrs. Herd for undertaking the onerous organisation.

The full newsletter is available here - The Link

Sunil Chotai


Headlines - 27/03/2015

Y13 Performing Arts Exam
On Wednesday evening I had the pleasure of watching the Year 13 Performing Arts examination piece “Defying Gravity” involving the two candidates Leah Martin and Sophie Eagle and a supporting cast of Year 12 and 13 students. It was an absolutely wonderful show.
All the elements that go to make a successful production were superb and given that these two students had taken the lead in organising all that was on show was remarkable. My sincere thanks to Mrs Bird for directing yet another fantastic performance and to the staff from the Expressive Arts Faculty who supported the pupils to produce this spectacle. My thanks too to all families who attended and a special congratulations to Leah and Sophie for their wonderful performances.

And finally …
I would like to thank all students for their incredible hard work this term. It has been extremely busy and demanding with the pressure to ensure that coursework deadlines are met and that the students are thoroughly prepared for their forthcoming examinations. I do hope all students and their families have a restful and enjoyable Easter break.

The full newsletter is available here - The Link

Sunil Chotai


Headlines - 20/03/2015

Year 8 Options
My thanks to all families for attending the Year 8 options interviews with Tutors. I know from a number of conversations that I have had that parents really value these one-to-one meetings and appreciate the time that Tutors devote to the students in their form. The options process is an important time for students as they make their choices for future study and I am appreciative of the time put in by both families and staff to ensure that these decisions are thoroughly considered.

Friends Meeting
Unfortunately I was unable to attend the meeting of the Friends last week. However, I understand that it was a very fruitful evening. The Friends kindly agreed to a request to provide chopping boards for Food Technology and also discussed a number of new fund-raising initiatives. They are currently working hard on raising funds for a canopy to be installed over the picnic area which will give some much needed shelter. My thanks to this wonderful group of parents who work so hard for the benefit of all our students.

The full newsletter is available here - The Link

Sunil Chotai


Headlines - 13/03/2015

Year 9 Parents Evening
My thanks to all families who attended Wednesday’s Year 9 Parents’ Evening. It was an excellent opportunity for staff to update parents on recent progress and to identify strategies for future improvements. On a personal note, I always find these occasions uplifting, talking to parents about how their children are doing, albeit very briefly is usually very reassuring and gratifying.

Future First Day
My thanks to the Year 9 students who participated in the Future First programme which took place on Thursday. This is a national programme designed to increase and extend young people’s employability skills and was organised, and sourced free of charge, by Miss Endean. I understand that it was an excellent event and all the students were thoroughly engaged during the day.

Council Members Visit
On Thursday morning we hosted a visit from Members of Bromley Council as part of an organised program of visits that all Council Members participate in as they inform themselves and become familiar with the Borough’s educational provision. It was an extremely worthwhile occasion and at the end when I spoke to the group about the school context and future plans I was pleased with the level of understanding and appreciation of our work that the group gained during their visit. The Members were very impressed by what they saw, the lessons they visited were purposeful and students were all working hard producing creative, imaginative and high quality work. My thanks to Bradley Clegg (Head Boy), Harley German (Deputy Head Boy), Sophie Freddi and Emma Black who gave the Members a guided a tour and proved to be outstanding ambassadors for our school.

The full newsletter is available here - The Link

Sunil Chotai


Headlines - 06/03/2015

Year 9 Enterprise Day
My thanks to all students who took part in the Year 9 Enterprise Day on Wednesday. It was a very enjoyable stimulating and interesting day by all accounts. I spoke to a number of staff and pupils involved who were very complimentary, speaking in glowing terms about the concept and the activities involved.
Activities of this nature are really important for our students, often helping to develop a much-needed entrepreneurial outlook on life. The preparation, organisation and carrying out of this activity has involved considerable skill, time and effort on the parts of a number of staff my thanks to them all and, particularly to Mrs. Burge who organised the event. I understand the winning team are very excited about competing in the National Finals which will be held at Alton Towers on 8th July.

World Book Day
My thanks to Mrs. Pitt and the English Faculty for organising the whole school story read for World Book Day. The choice of story was inspiring and the arrangements worked incredibly well with staff reading their allocated sections to the students throughout the day. Certainly in my lesson, the students were captivated by the story and couldn’t wait to hear the final chapter.

The full newsletter is available here - The Link

Sunil Chotai


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