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Welcome to Charles Darwin

Choosing a secondary school is perhaps the most important educational decision a family has to make. I am confident that at Charles Darwin we provide an excellent educational experience for all pupils as our growing reputation in the area and our Ofsted report confirms. Last year we were heavily oversubscribed and the demand for places this year promises to be even higher.

My philosophy for education is based on a blend of proven traditional educational values together with the best from our more recent and improved understanding of how students access learning and are motivated to do so. This philosophy has been affirmed and strengthened over my time in teaching.

Latest News

Headlines - 22/05/2015

Year 12 Drama Performance
On Wednesday evening I had the pleasure of watching the Year 12 Drama examination performance at the invitation of Miss Currie. The performance, a very intricate and absorbing piece executed by two Year 12 students (Molly Regan and Chloe Munro) was outstanding. Exploring a complicated mother and daughter relationship in a domestic violence/mental health context the performers displayed a maturity of understanding and portrayal together with an ability to capture the emotions involved in an expert fashion. So much so that the small and intimate audience (myself included) were moved to the point of tears. My thanks to Miss Currie for her hard and creative work with the students and my congratulations to the students involved for their outstanding work.

Half Term
This half term seems to have flown by. We are now well into examination season and I know many students will be spending their half term revising and attending revision classes. My thanks to all those members of staff who are giving up their time to support our students at this important time of year. For those not immersed in revision, I do hope you have an enjoyable and restful half term.

Sunil Chotai


Free School Meals



Open Day - Free Tennis


Charles Darwin Branding

We have begun the consultation process to upgrade the school website. 'Brand Darwin' is evolving. Part of this process includes the development of a school logo and motto. 'Brand Darwin' needs to reflect how far the school has progressed in terms of academic success, hard work and the community that makes us proud to be part of Charles Darwin School. We also need to think about why we are named after our local and arguably the most famous scientist in history; Charles Darwin. What values and ethos do we share with the great scientist? Why was his endeavour such an important example to our learners today? How can his achievement help our learners excel? Mr Jones has been into assemblies to present this to students this week and over the next few weeks invites students, teachers, parents and governors to contribute their thoughts and ideas to 'Brand Darwin'. We will shortlist the very best ideas and plans and this will be voted for by all members of Charles Darwin School to decide a new logo and motto. What an accolade to have on your CV! Please forward ideas or designs to Mr Jones. 


Headlines - 08/05/2015

Music CD
Recently I received a compilation CD of this year’s Year 11 coursework compositions from the Music department. It was a super collection of compositions and the final productions were very impressive in so many ways. The singing, the instrument playing, the recording all played a big part in making the compositions so polished.
If my untrained ears are anything to go by then this group of students is likely to achieve excellent marks for this work and I would like to congratulate them on their hard word. My thanks to Mr. Andrews, Miss Mace and the music department for this super work.

UEFA Promotional Video
On Wednesday Mr. Burtonshaw and the PE department hosted a film crew hired by the Football Association and the Premier League to film a promotional video to capture the work that these two bodies are doing to support football development at grassroots level. The film crew stayed well beyond the expected time schedule filming in a variety of locations in the school. The downpours that occurred sporadically during the day could not have helped much either I assume.
However judging by the smiling faces of the students involved at the end it must have been a very worthwhile experience. The film crew were extremely impressed with the school and the conduct of all our students.
My thanks to Mr. Burtonshaw and all who participated in this event and especially to the students who were excellent ambassadors for our school.

Sunil Chotai


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