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Charles Darwin School

Homework Policy

At Charles Darwin School we believe that homework plays a key role in enhancing learning when:
• it is well planned
• it is set in line with the school homework timetable (see side menu) and pupil planners
• it is published on the Show My Homework website as individual subject tasks
• it is marked promptly i.e. feedback must be within two weeks of completion of tasks
• it contains multiple feedback i.e. grades, evaluative comments and strategies for development
• it contributes to the assessment of pupil progress

Quality of Homework

As a school we believe that:
• homework should be varied and differentiated using pupils reading age
• homework should be manageable
• homework should be challenging but not too difficult
• homework should allow for individual creativity and initiative
• there should be guidance and support

The quality assurance of the types of tasks being set is the responsibility of Heads of Faculties/ Departments.
This will include ensuring that the work is suitable for all abilities, that the necessary resources exist to support the students and that the feedback to the students about the quality of the work is satisfactory.

Quantity and frequency of Homework

As a school we believe that the intrinsic value of homework activities is far more important than the precise amount of time devoted to them. However, as a guide to teachers, parents and pupils we believe that the approximate amount of time which should be spent on homework per subject is:


Amount of time


45mins every 2 weeks for all subjects – refer to homework timetables



90 mins every 2 weeks for all subjects - refer to homework timetables




Year 12 and 13 students should expect to spend between 3 and 5 hours weekly on each subject depending on their ‘Minimum Target Grade’. Most students have some Independent Study periods built into their timetables in order to help them meet the demands at this level


Year Managers will have the overview of homework from the students’ perspective. They will monitor the quality of recording of homework tasks in planners and inform the SLT member overseeing homework and HoFs of their findings.