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Exams and revision 2017

Year 11 Exam Study Leave timetable

On Monday 15th May, all Year 11 students will be given a copy of the study leave timetable for the exam period. As we have done successfully in previous years, we are running normal school weeks up until half term (Friday 26th May) and then the study leave timetable begins after half term. During the fortnight up to half term when students are required to attend all lessons as normal, in subjects where they have completed the exam, they will be doing private study and revision and need to make sure they have revision materials with them.

During the study leave period, lessons in subjects which still have exams will continue and there are also many additional revision sessions which we recommend that the vast majority of students attend. These are all listed on the study leave timetable which students will be bringing home. A copy is also available on the school website in the Curriculum section under the Exams and revision 2017 tab.

During the study leave period, students are allowed to come in to school for the exams and revision sessions they are timetabled for and to stay at home to study in the remainder of the time. All students will highlight on their study leave timetable the sessions they should be coming to and, for most students, this is what we would recommend that they do to increase their chances of exam success.

Many students prefer to stay in school all day to revise as they may be less motivated at home and so we have timetabled study rooms that any students without a scheduled exam or revision session can use.  All our normal expectations continue-i.e all students attending school should be in full school uniform, including no jewellery and normal school shoes and should arrive on time for any lessons or exams. Year 11 have been very smartly dressed all year so we do not expect this to be an issue but we would appreciate your support in ensuring that this continues.

In addition to the normal school day, on many mornings before an exam, departments run breakfast revision starting at 8:00am (or earlier in some cases), which may require some changes to usual travel arrangements. If you have any questions about any aspects of the study leave timetable once you have spoken to your son/daughter, please contact either Ms Kelly, Assistant Headteacher-Key Stage 4 on Extension 280 or or Miss Hurding, Achievement Co-Ordinator, Year 11 on Extension 259, or

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support so far this year and wish your son/daughter a successful exam period and a bright future.

Ms Kelly and Miss Hurding