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Charles Darwin School

YEAR 8 OPTIONS Process 2020

In light of recent developments I am writing in regards to the Year 8 Options process and the steps now necessary to continue with this.

Students currently in school

If your son or daughter is still in school then could I ask that they return their forms to form tutors please as soon as possible.

Students currently not in school

There are 2 options for students that are currently not in school

  1. You can email me directly with your son/daughters’ option choices, in order of preference
  2. Alternatively you can return the form to school making sure it clearly states FAO: Mr Simpson – Options

In all cases please could you make sure that the following is considered:

  • Write the option choices in order of preference (1 being the most preferred).
  • Give particular thought as to the reserve choices and the order in which they are given. Unfortunately although we do try to give students all 4 of their choices this is not possible and reserves will need to be used in a number of cases.
  • If there is any reason that you do not want your son/daughter to take up an option which has already been highlighted on the form can I ask that you as their parent/guardian write a short note to outline this, cross out the subject and write the new option in its place

I can also assure you that I will not start the process of allocating options to students on a first come first served basis and will wait until the deadline for returns has happened (1st April).

If you have any concerns or issues please do not hesitate in contacting me via email (

Jon Simpson
Assistant Headteacher